BookCover3DBarry Friedman is the author of the upcoming book, I Love Me More Than Sugar… The Why and How of 30 Days Sugar Free. 

272 pages.

Chapter: 1 Your Big Why
Chapter 2: How We Got Here
Chapter 3: Living in the Habit
Chapter 4: Food 101
Chapter 5: Types of Hunger
Chapter 6: The Hero’s Journey of Sugar Free
Chapter 7: Preparing For Your New Habit
Chapter 8: Preparing Your Kitchen
Chapter 9: Meal Ideas
Chapter 10: Drinks and Snacks
Chapter 11: The 30 Daily Pages (Coaching)
Chapter 12: The Dabbler’s Guide

Experience the natural sweetness of life by losing weight, sleeping better, and renewing your body from the inside.

Available December 17, 2014

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